Welcome to Gear Grinders 4 Wheel Drive Club!

Established in 1971 and located in Ridgecrest, California, we are a family oriented group of four-wheelers dedicated to promoting responsible off-road fun and protecting our natural resources.Our club takes pride in its support of Tread Lightly on Public lands. We are comprised of outgoing, fun loving, patriotic and responsible members who share the same love of off-roading and the outdoors. Guests are always welcome, so contact us if you will be in the area.  We’ll let you know where we are going and when.

We began as a loose-knit group of 4-wheeling families, calling themselves at first, the “Indian Wells 4WD Club” and the “High Desert 4-Wheelers”.

While on an outing in Saline Valley in October of 1971, they decided to become an official club and join the California Association of 4WD Clubs.

First Meeting included

In December of 1971 they had their first official meeting and elections.

FIRST ELECTED OFFICERS                                     BOARD OF DIRECTORS

 President: Dean Karlberg                                          • Clyde Burton

 1st Vice-President: Frank Stevens                             • Dave Perry           

 2nd Vice-President: Noel Gravell                               • Bob Windhardt     

 Secretary: Jan Felsen                                                                     

 Treasurer: Wanda Tabb                                                                

FOUNDING FAMILIES                                             COMMITTEE CHAIRMAN

 Bill & Judy Burns                                                      • Conservation: Oscar Felsen

 Dave Perry                                                               • Safety: Gene Tabb

 Clyde & Nell Burton                                                  • Historian: Phylis Snyder

 Frank Stevens                                                          • Refreshments: Vi Moomay

 Oscar & Jan Felsen                                                              

 Steve & Phylis Snyder

 Noel & Ellene Gravell

 Gene & Wanda Tabb

 Dean & Jane Karlberg

 Bob Winehardt

 Vi Moomay