Welcome to Gear Grinders 4 Wheel Drive Club!

Established in 1971 and located in Ridgecrest, California, we are a family oriented group of four-wheelers dedicated to promoting responsible off-road fun and protecting our natural resources.Our club takes pride in its support of Tread Lightly on Public lands. We are comprised of outgoing, fun loving, patriotic and responsible members who share the same love of off-roading and the outdoors. Guests are always welcome, so contact us if you will be in the area.  We’ll let you know where we are going and when.

The Gear Grinders were established in 1971 in Ridgecrest, CA with the purpose of promoting four wheeling and to enjoy and protect our natural resources. We have been involved in the Adopt-A-Trail program for over 23 years and maintain McIver and Sherman Pass Jeep trails. Conservation is very important to the club! We believe in the “Tread Lightly” concept of protecting our natural resources and are constantly educating others about responsible wheeling.

The Gear Grinders is very much a family oriented group. Some of our members started out riding in car seats in the back of their parents’ jeep and now are members themselves with their families. We have very experienced as well as “newbie” off-roaders. As a club we try to have a run every month. The club has many different vehicles, from stock to extreme rock crawlers. Our monthly off-road club runs vary from the technical steep white knuckle mountain climb to scenic day and overnight trips.

While family oriented jeeping is the club’s mantra, we are dedicated to the promotion and participation in safe and responsible off-highway four-wheel drive activities and the public education on how to properly use and conserve our lands. We support conservation with utilization. Our club is open to anyone who supports our goals and is interested in exploring our wonderful area. Gear Grinders is based in Ridgecrest, California and our meetings are held at Casey’s Steak and Barbeque on the 4th Wednesday of each month, except November (the Wednesday before Thankgiving) and December (no meeting held).

Location: Casey's Steaks & BBQ, 1337 N China Lake Blvd, Ridgecrest, CA

Time: 6:00 PM - Dinner/7:00 PM - Meeting