Nightmare Gulch

Prior to the signing of the 1994 Desert Protection Act, we had an MOU with the local BLM office for the Nightmare Gulch/Black Rock Gulch 4WD road, which was just outside of the Red Rock Canyon State Park. This MOU was signed in the early 1980’s, and was between the State Park, the Gear Grinders, the BLM, and the Audubon Society.

The MOU provided for the road to be open to hiking the first through the 15th, then open to vehicular traffic the last half of each month, except for February 1 – June 30, when it is closed to all entry for the raptor nesting period.

With the signing of the bill, all of this land was then added to the State Park, and the MOU went away, and they would not renew it because it was in the State Park’s Master Plan to close the road to vehicles because to them it did not exist. We would be interested in pursuing the State Park to re-instate the MOU with the original parties, which was a win/win compromise for all concerned.